All-in-One Membership Management Software

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Automated membership applications, renewals and reporting


Manage simple and complex ticket configurations

Email Marketing

Manage distribution lists, templates, and subscription settings

Contact Records (CRM)

Manage both member and non-member contacts in one system


Publish beautiful member directories

Online Store

Integrated online store available to members and non-members

Fund Raising

Manage fund raising

Member Portal

Improved member engagement, collaboration and self-service tools

How Can Member365 Help You?

All-in-One Platform

Stop using multiple applications and move to one platform that will save you time and expense.

6-Step Quick Launch

Get up and running quickly. Follow the 6-Step Quick Launch to easily migrate from your existing system to Member365.

Member Engagement, Collaboration & Self-Service

Providing member value is vital to membership engagement and a healthy member-based organization. Increasingly member-based organizations are introducing new products and services to their members such as certification, online training, collaboration workspaces & job boards.

Only Member365 offers fully integrated engagement, collaboration and self-service tools that are integrated through one platform.

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