3 Steps to take before researching a Membership Management Software

Consistently there are many “Judy’s” in the association world. “Judy’s” are administrators, and are typically selected to find a membership management software for their organization. When beginning their search, they are often at a loss as to what information is needed during this exploration processes. Having the right information in the beginning will aid you in finding the right software.

When looking for a membership software Judy needs three pieces of information that will help determine what platform will best fit the association during this exploration phase.

Who is making the final decision?

It is important for Judy to know who will be making the final purchasing decision. Knowing who will make the ultimate decision is crucial during this process, Judy must know what information she needs in order to provide the decision maker(s) what to include in the demonstrations to help them make the right decision.

Why is your organization looking for a membership software and what are your organization’s requirements?

Before Judy starts exploring software options it is important for her to determine what the organization’s needs are, and how it will help their day to day processes. For example:

Does Judy need to automate her membership application and renewal process? Does she need email marketing and the ability to segment members? Does she need a way to manage memberships? Is she able to have a learning management module as well?

Once Judy understands her organizations requirements she will have a clear understanding of what to look for.

What is the Budget?

Judy needs to determine what her organization’s spending limit is when looking to purchase a membership management software. This is critical in identifying which software is suitable for the association, however; quality should come first. Judy needs to have this conversation early in the buying process to ensure no time is being wasted on either end.

With this information Judy can now begin the second phase of the exploration process “research”, assured that she will be able to easily, narrow down the search! Want to learn more about our all-in-one membership management software schedule a demo.