Communicate. Engage. Collaborate.

Member365 provides everything you need to grow
your Downtown organization.

  • Showcase your members
  • Improve communications
  • Increase engagement & loyalty
  • Strengthen collaboration
  • Save time & effort every day

Stop relying on spreadsheets and start improving the management of your organization’s valued membership lists, renewals, events, fundraising, and member communications.

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Think of all the time and resources you devote to managing member communication, directory updates, record keeping, marketing, events, advocating, and promoting the value of your Downtown. Now, there is a better way to do all of that, and more! Hassle-free.

Business Directories

Reduce manual time and effort spent updating your directory


Membership management and
reporting simplified


Manage mixers, workshops, and
public events

Email Marketing

Adhere to Canada's Anti-Spam
Legislation (CASL)

Contact Records (CRM)

Business Members, Community Partners, Suppliers, Government Stakeholders

Member Engagement

Track member engagement to better understand membership health

Case Study

Improving the way Downtown’s communicate and manage membership

"Member365 has transformed the way the Kanata North Downtown communicates to our association. We now have a meaningful process to organize and tag our contacts enabling us to provide significantly more value. The platforms ability to seamlessly integrate into our public facing directory is huge – the integration of email management, full CRM capability has enabled us to be a much more efficient organization."

Jenna Sudds
President & Executive Director


Stop juggling: start managing

Relying on spreadsheets, paper and a mishmash of hard to use software is no way to look after your Downtown’s
valued membership lists, renewals, events, fundraising and member communications.

With Member365, managing smarter is also made easier. Organize member and non-member relationships, process
payments effortlessly, get access to information in a meaningful way all while reducing member churn. Do more in less time.


Interactions with your members are more human with Member365

It’s how communities are built today. Shorten your feedback loop, track the pulse of member engagement
and stay connected with all your contacts. With Member365, engaging is faster and friendlier. And people like that.


Provide opportunities for growth. Enable members to be more successful.

With Member365, drive thought leadership by creating online learning opportunities,
encouraging communication and building an online community that connects people together.
Be people savvy: Member365 is the right tool that helps attract people, mobilize them and keep
them loyal to your Downtown association.