Meet the Member365 Team

Stephen Foley

Stephen is the President of Pixelera and life-long entrepreneur. A graduate of Dalhousie University (Bachelor of Commerce), he brings to the table well-honed skills in project management and has a keen sense for strategic business development. He co-founded Pixelera with his brother Michael, growing it into a highly successful technology design company. Building successful businesses comes naturally to Stephen. Growing up in a family of business owners, he and his brother were still in their teens when they started their first business together, and fully paying their way through school with the profits. In the mid-1990s when commercial internet activity began growing in leaps and bounds, Stephen began providing consulting services to public-sector organizations that were seeking to build their presence online for the first time. Responding to the needs Stephen saw in the marketplace for great design provided by a professionally run, service-focused business, Pixelera was created.

Michael Foley

Michael is a graphic designer by trade and a founding partner of Pixelera. A graduate of Loyalist College (Advertising), Michael has a deep understanding of database development, web design and interactive media. He provides leadership and direction to Pixelera staff on all aspects of design and project development. Following the example set by his father and grandfather as business owners, Michael started early down the path of being a self-starter. From his first enterprise in which he teamed up with his brother, Stephen, to sell tradable sports cards, Michael developed a passion for being an entrepreneur and building a successful business. Having first honed his design and advertising skills working for boutique studios and industrial enterprise, Michael joined Stephen in creating Pixelera in 1997.

Richard Potter

Richard is Pixelera's seasoned Technical Lead who manages all aspects of Member365 product development. Having worked for Pixelera for over a decade, Richard has created numerous customized association management systems for Pixelera clients. Now with a core-focus on developing a platform that can be used across the board by all associations and member-based organizations, Richard is leading the charge to develop, enhance and perfect the Member365 platform.

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