Contact Record Management

All-in-one contact record management

Member and non-member contact record management

Extended fields help track and profile contacts

360-degree view of every contact means you stop digging for data

Key Features & Benefits

360-degree view

View each contact's activity and history without having to manage multiple data sources and spreadsheets

Members & Non-Members

Store both member and non-member contacts in one database

Individuals & Organizations

Create contact records for individuals and the organizations they work at

Communication History

Log and view a complete history of all communication with any given contact

Smart Lists

Make better sense of your data by creating smart lists that grow and contract automatically over time as contact records change

Duplicate Contacts

Eliminate duplicate records with built-in duplicate and record merging

Contact Record Management

Make sense of your data with Member365’s
contact record management system

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Contact Record Management Specifications

Membership year-over-year history
Purchase history
Event history
Education history
Survey History
Telephone call logging
eBlast History
Email Consent (CANSPAM & CASL)
Segment and profile your contacts using extending fields
Tagging allows you to apply quick filters to contact records
Widgets allow you to set up pre-defined checklists and associate them to contacts
Automatic tracking of user event history, purchase history, survey history, forms submitted
View related contacts to any given individual
Permissions and workspace & committee access
Update contact information
Update profile data
Related organization
Verify contact
Duplicate checking
Membership enrollment
Recognized domain
Two step contact record deletion
Contact trashcan