Member365 Development Roadmap

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In Development we're building these features right now!

Invoice Management

We are introducing greater control over invoices created by Member365 so that you may modify all system generated invoices to add additional line items or process refunds.

Member Engagement Score

The member engagement score will provide a top level report of who your most and least engaged members are. It will also provide predictive intelligence so that you can be notified of members who are not engaged and therefore not likely to renew so that you may reach out and discover why they haven’t been taking advantages of your member benefits.

Social Login - Facebook

We are connecting Member365 to the Facebook API so that members and non-members can login to your portal using their Facebook login ID.

Social Login – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google

Member365 will be connected to other social network logins so that your members can choose the one that works best for them to login to your member portal.

Promo Codes

A new promo code system will be created that allows you to offer discounts on any type of purchase including membership, events, job board postings, web store purchases and events.

Administrator Roles

A new access rights system will be developed allowing you to specify what administrators can have access to. For example, some administrators are only responsible for events and should not have access to Fundraising. Administrator Roles will enable you to setup appropriate access for each Admin user.

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Planned we’ll build these features as soon as we can!

Dunning Reminders

Member365 will automatically communicate via email with contacts who have invoices outstanding – i.e., payment has not been made. You will be able to setup your own custom frequency as to when to send invoice payment reminders. Users wishing to pay with credit card will not be required to login to do so!

Event Workspaces

Member365 will be updated to enable you to specify if an event should have a workspace automatically created inside the member portal. Anyone registered into the event will have automated access to the workspace to obtain access to important files, participate in discussions and see who else is attending!

Simple Events

Member365 will see a simplified version of the events system to allow you to create basic events with simplified RSVP functionality where payment is not a concern.

Chapter Management

Member365 will be improved to allow you to better manage chapters - including the ability to limit administrative viewing of data to tha respective chapter manager.


We will be building an open API that you can consume to pass data from Member365 into other third party application that supports this function.

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