Event Management

Create, Promote and Sell Your Events

Create simple and complex event configurations

Promote events using built-in communication tools

Member self-service: event registration and withdraw

Key Features & Benefits

Ticket Configuration

Create tickets by member and non-member category including variable fee structures

Payment Processing

Process payments with credit cards or allow users to specify check as their payment method


Real-time reporting provides access to registration details


Schedule email messages to be sent to registrants before and after the event

Extended Fields

Add custom questions fields to event registration forms to collect all data required

Withdrawals & Refunds

Eliminate administration by automating withdraws and credit card refunds

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Event Management Specifications

Create tickets per membership category and set price points
Offer tickets to non-members
Limit number of tickets available
Force user to indicate who ticket is for
Limit quantity any one person may purchase
Apply ticket prerequisite (user must purchase ticket A prior to purchasing ticket B)
Set registration open & close dates
Open registration to non-members
Set early bird I, II and late registration dates
Set withdraw cutoff date
Set withdraw penalty start date
Set modification cutoff date
Set modification penalty start date
Add event logo
Add event banner
Add workshops including description, time, seats and availability
Create meal plan for user selection
Add extended fields (additional questions the user must complete)
Add disclaimers
Automatically send event registration confirmation email to user
Automatically send event email reminders
Find everyone who hasn't registered and send email invitation
Select from template library
Create your own
Singular badge print
Batch badge print
Promo code management
Credit card processing
Automated credit card refunds
Sales tax management (none, member location, event location, default)
Accounts receivable management
Accounts payable management
Event income statement
Invoice automatically created and stored
Income Statement
General Journal Entries
Quick summary
Individual registration roster
By ticket type
By meal plan
By workshop
By disclaimer
By organization
By membership type
Extended Fields
Promo code report
Failed registrations
Attendance management
Export raw data to MS Excel