Job Bank

Fully integrated job bank for your website

Add-value to membership by connecting candidates & employers

Create a new revenue stream by charging fees to post jobs

Simplify administration through the approval process and fee processing

Key Features & Benefits

Job Posting Work Flow

Be automatically notified of a new job posting so that you may review and approve it before it is published

Financial Management

Charge job posting fees to member and non-member organizations

Posting Management

Jobs are automatically removed from view after a set period of time

Application Routing

Allow organizations to decide how to manage and receive applications by directing applicants to their website, or launching an email

Search Engine

Job seekers can easily search the job bank for relevant opportunities

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Job Bank Specifications

Submit new job postings for review
Modify existing job postings
# of views report
Pay online using credit card
Automated purchase receipt
Job search tools
Online applications
Review and approve job postings
Manual job posting