Membership Management

Applications, renewals & reporting

Manage membership applications, approval workflow and payment

Automate the renewal process to improve member retention

Instant access to real-time membership reporting

Key Features & Benefits

Membership Categories

Setup as many categories as required; each with a unique configuration

Individuals & Organizations

Flexibility for individual and organization membership

Group Membership

Support for group membership whereby organization employees can access the member portal

Approval Work Flow

Review and approve applications upon submission

Automated Renewals & ARB

Improve retention by automating the renewal process including automatic recurring billing (ARB)

Extended Fields

Profile members using extended fields to gain deeper insight into your membership

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Membership Management System Specifications

Membership Applications
Setup unlimited membership categories
Add unlimited extended fields
Process online applications
Collect file attachments during the application process
Collect member photograph
Collect organization logo
Payment by credit card and check
Opt-into automated recurring payment
Members receive automated email messages upon application submission and membership approval
Members can easily update their profile in the member portal
Members can easily download their purchase receipt in the member portal
Membership Renewals
Where member opts-into recurring payment, membership renewal is processed automatically
Members receive automated renewal reminders prior to their renewal date
Renewal reminder emails include a link/token that allows the member to renew without logging into the portal
Ask the member if they wish to opt-into recurring credit card payments
Prompt members to update their profile during the renewal process
Allow payment by credit card and check
Force member to update their profile during renewal
Setup unlimited membership categories
Enable review and approval work flow
Create extended fields
Link extended fields to directory listing
Support for individual, organization & group memberships
Membership Terms: Annual, Anniversary, Lifetime, Term
Late Renewal Fee
Pro-rated application fee
Automated Membership Upgrade Paths
Maximum number of renewals
On Leave Discount
Tax Settings
Payment methods accepted
Renewal Reminder Email Campaign
Email Alerts
Sponsor/Reference Management
Membership Reporting
Financial Management
Membership Period Extension
Financial Management
Prerequisite Membership