How to Improve your Organizations Website

An Association Management Platform Can Help

Judy has been tasked to grow her association’s memberships, she looks internally to find weaknesses that could potentially be holding back prospective members. The first factor considered was the associations website.

A website is a tool specifically to engage visitors. Having a professionally designed website will create a stronger sense of value, trust and realism that welcomes possible members. Your website is one of the first impressions an outsider will have on your association or organization, make it a good one!

Demonstrate Value

Judy determined the top challenge to membership growth is difficulty communicating value and benefits. She conducted a list of benefits current members indicated to be most valuable, these benefits would help shape the website and encourage prospects to join. An important tool Judy plans to incorporate are sharing capabilities with social networks. The top channel in recruiting new members is word of mouth- having a sharing capability is the best way to spread the word about the association.

Reflect the Association

Judy felt the current website didn’t properly reflect on the purpose and professionalism of the association. With 1000 professionals in the association, she wanted the website to replicate the association and the members. Enhance the trust, credibility, and appeal of the association properly. By having the associations values portrayed in the website, visitors can grasp a thorough understanding of how the association will benefit them personally and professionally.

2 Click Rule

A clean, crisp website is important to Judy, she doesn’t want any confusion or frustration when someone lands on the page. Judy created a 2 click rule: when entering the site there should be no more than 2 clicks to find the desired information. With an application was directly embedded in the website, an individual can easily apply for a membership. Easy to find and fill, they wouldn’t have to print off forms or worry about mailing in the application- it would all be an automated, simple process.

Appeal & Simplicity

Judy researched several websites, some she spent less than 15 seconds on due to their lack of professionalism and charm. Judy concluded that the design, layout and whole look of her website was more important than she initially thought. She wants visitors to enjoy the experience of her site, both look and feel.

Judy found that an all-in-one membership management software she was implementing was happy to design the website of her dreams. Now her website was seamlessly integrated with the job board, the application process, member login, events and member directory- in turn demonstrating the value of the website.